As we previously reported, on June 11-15 this year, the 13th Asian Senior Kurash Championship will be held in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Preparations are being made by the organizing committee to organize the most exciting contest between the strongest Kurash athletes on the Asian continent at the highest level.
If we look at the history of the Asian Kurash championships, the continental championships were held 12 times, 3 of them were hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2003, 2008 and 2011.
Iran has a lot of experience in hosting major Kurash competitions.
The sports ministry of the country, the National Olympic committee, the Iranian Wushu Federation and the Iranian Kurash Association have established extensive cooperation in holding a great Kurash festival.
The official logo of the championship was presented yesterday.
The logo uses the traditional blue and green colors of the sport of Kurash, and in the center is a picture of two Kurash athletes performing a technique.
The name and flag of the host country is depicted in the upper part, and the name and date of the competition are written in the lower part.
Another important aspect of the logo is that it displays two important symbols of Iran.
Burj Milad tower located in Tehran. Its height from the base to the tip of the antenna is 435 meters.  With this indicator, it is the tallest building in Iran. Near the top of the tower is a huge capsule-like 12-story building. It houses a museum that displays Persian culture and history.
The second symbol is Damavand Mountain. This mountain is the largest peak in the Alborz mountain range. Its height is 5604 meters. Hot healing springs emerge from the slopes of Mount Damavand. The peak is covered by small glaciers.
Registration of participants to the XIII Asian Championship is carried out through the IKA Registration system.
You can download the Rules of the Championship through the link below.
Remember final entry deadline is 15th May 2024.


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