Max Avia Tour

About Us

Our company is engaged in the sale of air tickets and travel vouchers.

Sale of air tickets for airline flights with which we have direct agency agreements for the sale of passenger air transportation – UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS

Since January 2012, our company has entered the air transportation market and today we have our own large clientele.

Tours around the world. We have reliable partners abroad.


We are committed to enriching our clients’ journey by making them experience the beauty of real Uzbekistan. We ensure their satisfaction so that they would want to keep revisiting our vibrant country again and again.


We take all the travel-related trends into consideration, utilizing the best of measures to ensure quality, trust and thought leadership.

Our Vision

To be first  Choice for Clients and Companies. Our personnel are dedicated to learning as much about destination as possible. We are the type of travelers that come back from a city with an abundance of suggestions for things to do.

Our services

  • Amazing trips Offers
  • Healthcare During the Travel
  • Translator Availability
  • Picking up At The Airport
  • Tour packages
  • Visa Processing
  • Hotel Booking

Max Avia Tour bank account

+99871 242 00 37 , +99895 144 44 35, Email:

3/1, Mannon Uygur street, Shaykhontakhur district, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

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