RAJAN VARGHESE-Vice President & Technical Chairman, Kurash Association of India:
Our young athletes achieved a record result for us today. We have not won so many medals during our career.
Today, Kurash is developing as the most popular sport in India.
Kurash has been introduced as an official sport in the All India School Games. This means that millions of young people are engaged in kurash in thousands of schools in our country.
I would like to express my special thanks to the organizers for the Asian Junior Kurash Championship. Special attention is paid to every detail. This is a great result. Many people worked hard. There are aspects that we should learn from this championship in terms of organizing competitions.

Susan Cheah – Kurash Federation of Malaysia Secretary General:

I am participating in the Asian Championship for the second time this year. Our athletes did not win medals. But they got the air of big competitions. It is important for the athlete to increase his morale and confidence. Kurash is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia. Official Participation of Kurash in Asian Summer Games, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games and Southeast Asian Games makes important for our government to support us and our federation.
I believe that the continental championships should be held every year. Then the geography of the competitions and the number of participants will increase.

Hafil Fudin – President of the Indonesian Kurash Federation:

I would like to express my gratitude to the President of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania Mr. Komil Ruziev. During the championship, I communicated with Mr. Ruziev several times.
KCAO presented 20 yaktaks to the Indonesian Kurash Federation.
We will use these yaktaks at the Indonesian National Championship in October.
Today, our federation has organized regional kurash federations in 24 provinces of Indonesia.
After the 2018 Summer Asian Games held in our country, the government is supporting kurash on a large scale.
We are negotiating with all Islamic schools in the country. In the near future, kurash will be introduced as a separate subject in Indonesian Islamic schools.
Indeed, kurash is a fair and noble sport. I also call it Muslim sport. Its rules have Islamic traditions. For example, Halal is the highest grade.
My impressions of the championship are very high. We would like to hold such high-level championships in Indonesia in the future.

Ajmal Isaq Zai – Coach of the Kurash Federation of Chinese Taipei:
The Chinese Taipei national team returned from Thailand with 12 medals – 5 silver, 7 bronze but without gold. However this Championship became a great experience for our athletes.
Asian Championship was organized at a very high level and I would like to express my special gratitude to the organizers.
Currently, interest to kurash in Chinese Taipei is a very high. Unlike other sports, kurash is a relatively easy to learn and moreover low risk of injury is the reason why people choose kurash.
Kurash has always been supported by the government.
Year after year, Chinese Taipei Kurash team finds its rightful place among the ranks of strong teams. Asian Games, World and Asian championships give excellent results. Each obtained medal serves to make kurash more popular in the country.
In our Federation we have already started preparing for the World Championship. Next week we will organize a National qualifying Championship for participants in India.
We believe that we will definitely return from the World Championships with gold medals.

Nukusboy Doniyorov – referee of the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan:

I have been doing kurash since I was 10 years old. I have achieved many achievements as an athlete. I started my coaching career in 2008. Currently, I am working as a kurash coach at the Nukus Olympic and National Sports School of Higher Expertise.
I have more than 10 years of experience as a referee. I was the youngest referee of Uzbekistan in 2015, the best-talented referee of 2016, and the winner of the 2020 Referee of the Year nomination.
In September 2017, I refereed the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, the World Senior Championship in Istanbul in December 2017, and the Asian Senior Championship in Puna in March 2018.
I took part in the IKA referee exam organized as part of the Asian Junior Championship hosted by the Kingdom of Thailand and took the 1 star level.
I witnessed the championship being organized at the highest level following the refereeing process, and the referees made a fair assessment.
Another important aspect is that athletes do not get injured. No athlete was injured during the championship. I think this is the biggest achievement.
I would like to express my special gratitude to the organizers.

Ali Mahnan, coach of the Iranian Kurash national team:
The championship was organized very well. The refereeing and organization are excellent. Such championships should be held regularly in order to keep our kurash athletes in good sports form. If possible, the Asian Cadet Kurash Championship should be organized separately.
Another thing is that I think that coaches should be allowed to appear in the next championships. It is also important to support the athletes mentally when the cause is needed.

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