The winners of the Children of Asia Games Kurash competitions hosted by the city of Yakutsk have been announced.
On the second day, competitions were held in 4 weight categories.
The Children’s Olympics of the continent, which is held every 4 years, was organized in a very high way.
The Organizing Committee has created all the conditions for athletes, coaches and IKA Technical Team in the Elly Botur Sports Complex based on International standards.
In the afternoon, the semi-finals and finals were held to the constant applause of the audience.
In the second day’s matches, the Kurash athletes of Uzbekistan, the homeland of Kurash, were more successful. They won 3 gold medals. 1 gold on account of hosts.
Check out the full list of winners.
-50 kg
1. Chingiz Mukhammadiev-Uzbekistan
2. Kerimbek Kalabai-Kazakhstan
3. Zeng Jia Hao-Chinese Taipei
3. Tengis Murun – Mongolia

-83 kg
1. Jurabek Eshpulatov-Uzbekistan
2. Chivadze Georgy-Russia
3. Oiun Batyi-Russia
3. Kakhan Altynbek-Kazakhstan

-44 kg
1. Karina Sikalieva-Russia
2. Zarnigor Ulashova-Uzbekistan
3. Karina Saitarly-Kazakhstan
3. Chicham Charu-India

-57 kg
1. Sultanova Shahnozabonu-Uzbekistan
2.Chesebieva Evgenia-Russia
3. Arif Zhanel-Kazakhstan
3. Veronika Nestereva-Russia

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