Today, at the Uzbekistan State University of Physical Education and Sports, in cooperation with the International Kurash Association, the International Institute of Kurash, the Scientific Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports, the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan, the Uzbekistan State University of Physical Education and Sports, the “Theoretical and practical problems of Kurash” International scientific-practical conference was organized.
It was organized as part of a 3-month online course on Kurash coaching.
In this scientific-practical conference, university vice-chancellors, professors from abroad, representatives of the International Kurash Institute, International Kurash Association, department heads, professors and students of the Department of Theory and Methodology of National Kurash Types of the University, as well as 30 Kurash athletes who visited from more than 15 countries, foreign experts, referees and media workers participated.
IKA General Secretary Mohammad Reza Nassiri spoke at the conference and wished success to the participants of the course and conference. He informed the gathering about the work being done by the International Kurash Association, the progress being made and important plans ahead.
At the conference, experts exchanged experience in the field of physical education and Kurash, established and developed International relations, shared scientific and practical achievements and problems.
Also, the participants of the conference took part in the practical training processes organized on the rules of refereeing in the afternoon.  Within the framework of the conference, the department of Kurash theory and methodology of the university organized the university championship at high-level .  This championship served to further strengthen the knowledge of refereeing of foreign Kurash experts.
Each participant led the debate directly. The experts of the International Kurash Institute evaluated their performance.
Tomorrow is the final stage exam of the seminar. Those who achieve higher grades can obtain IKA B coaching licenses.

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