Today, the International Kurash Association convened its Directing meeting at the Pullman Hotel in Dubai, UAE. The session commenced at 11:00 and finished at 15:00, with a brief intermission. Over the course of four hours, approximately 20 points were on the Agenda concerning the world of Kurash and detail discussions took place. Detail reports, future plans, and objectives, with focused decisions made to address the governing body of IKA.

Attending the session were IKA Vice-Presidents, Presidents of Continental Confederations, Directing Committee members, IKA Administration representatives, and Kurash stakeholders, presided over by IKA President Haider Farman. President Farman initiated the session, highlighting Kurash’s successful presentation at the SportAccord 2024 International summit in Birmingham, Great Britain.

The agenda was then ratified as customary. Subsequently, reports were presented by the Presidents of the African, Asian, European, and Pan American Kurash confederations regarding the 2024 calendar plan. Notable mentions included seminars conducted by the International Kurash Institute on coaching and refereeing. General Secretary Mohammad Reza Nassiri provided insights into the South Asian and South East Asian championships, emphasizing their exceptional organization and showcasing of Kurash gilams and yakhtaks.

Vice-President Ziyoviddin Khodjiniyazov addressed negotiations concerning Kurash’s inclusion in prestigious sporting events such as the International School Games and Islamic Solidarity Games. The meeting also tackled various issues including refereeing standards, athlete weights, parallel activities in some national federations, and matters pertaining to IKA membership and recognition. Additionally, Sardor Karimov, Assistant to the Chairman of the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan, delivered a report on the forthcoming World Series Pro competition in 2024.

The session concluded on an amicable note, with President Farman extending gratitude to all participants.

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