Originally planned for 2023, the VI-Ethnosport Forum, which was postponed due to the earthquake in Turkey, was held in Antalya on February 16-18.
The importance of traditional sports, a forum to study their short and medium-term strategies and set long-term goals is important for the sport of kurash.
The International Kurash Association has been cooperating with this organization since 2018. Within the framework of cooperation, official kurash competitions are being organized from the Nomadic Games program of Ethnosport.
In recent years, cooperation has reached a new level. The goals are the same, the perspective of the work being carried out worldwide.
In order to participate in this forum, the President of the International Kurash Association Haider Farman and the First Vice-President of the International Kurash Association, the Minister of Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan Adkham Ikromov visited Antalya.
Since its inception, the World Confederation of Ethnosports has been committed to preserving the identity of traditional sports and games, aiming to enhance cross-cultural interaction and visibility. The World Ethnosports Confederation, which is based on respect for the common values of humanity, continues its activities, striving to renew the common memory of societies through traditional sports and games. In this spirit, the 6th Ethnosport Forum will gather to discuss short, medium and long-term strategies for traditional sports.
Antalya hosted the International assembly, representatives of more than 30 member states including Kazakhstan, Japan, Mexico, Qatar, Mongolia, Argentina, Turkey, Tunisia, Poland, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Russia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Hungary and Uzbekistan participated.
In addition, more than 10 state ministers and heads of government from 75 countries visited Antalya.
Kurash will participate in the next edition of the Ethno Games with 8 weight categories ( 5 Men and 3 Women).

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