Today, the training of Kurash specialists and the improvement of their skills is one of the most important goals of the International Kurash Association.
In order to further develop this field, systematic work is being carried out in cooperation with IKA and IKI.
In 2022, 12 seminars were held by IKA and IKI, including 7 online and 5 offline seminars, and in 2023, this figure was 10.
More than 500 people from more than 90 national Kurash federations of various levels of Kurash specialists, coaches, referees took part in it.
In these seminars, the most necessary information on coaching and refereeing is presented in the form of theoretical and practical exercises.
This year, the format of the Kurash seminars will be changed.
The 2024 calendar of the International Kurash Association included a Kurash seminar organized on the basis of a single standard.
What kind of seminar is this? How is it organized? What are the changes?
According to the Seminar Regulations presented by the International Kurash Institute, this seminar will be held online for 12 weeks (3 months on average).
In 12 weeks of online training, the most experienced experts and professors of IKA and IKI provide the most necessary comprehensive lessons such as the history of Kurash, philosophy, its theory, modern trends in athletes training, refereeing, organization of competitions, methods of kurash, medicine and doping.
The final stage will be held offline in the form of an exam in the country of Kurash for 1 week.
Free hotel, meals, visa and local transportation are provided by the International Kurash Institute.
The duration of the online training seminar is from January 27th to April 20th, and offline in Tashkent from 20th to 27th of April.
Participants must meet the requirements below for participation in this seminar:
Have basic knowledge of understanding English, be physically fit and have the ability to Coach, know kurash techniques and teach kurash at a basic level (club).
Any participants who fail to attend online courses and whose students who have a doping sanction will be removed from the seminar.
The registration of participants has started and will end on January 27th.

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