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At the IKA Congress held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, the President of the International Kurash Association, Haider Farman, recognized the promotion of Kurash on social networks and the increase of promotional posts as one of the main tasks of today.
Indeed it is.
Social networks make it possible not only to make friends or network, but also to exchange information.
In addition, recently social networks have also been used to improve the image of the organization.
The International Kurash Association has been implementing the IKA MEDIA project for several years. In this project, IKA’s official website and official pages on social networks were updated.
Regular news, announcements and interviews are being published. Currently, this project is applied to all confederations and national federations within IKA.
How is this done?
In the first phase, all national federations and continental confederations will open their official pages on social networks, starting from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
The ongoing works, competitions, trainings and activities of the federation are announced through various multimedia means.
The IKA MEDIA team presents the most active Kurash promoters on social networks.
Our heroes do not necessarily have to be officials of national federations. No specific categories are defined. Whether he is the President of the Federation or an athlete. It is also possible to be a coach and a judge.
You can also get acquainted to the heroes virtually. You’ve definitely seen their Kurash posts.
The IKA MEDIA team will try to introduce you to their activities, personal interests, thoughts and worldviews.
So we have a new social project: Kurash activists on social networks!

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