This year, the World Series Pro tournament was added to the IKA calendar. During the year, the continental qualification stages of this tournament were successfully organized on 4 continents of the world.
In it, the strongest athletes demonstrated all their strength and skill to visit the homeland of Kurash and take part in the finals of the tournament.
The long-awaited days have finally arrived. On November 22, the final stage of the World Series Pro tournament was held at the prestigious Alpomish Sports Palace in Tashkent.
We must say that the final was really held in a professional manner.
This tournament was organized at the highest level by the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of Uzbekistan, the National Olympic Committee, and the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan.
The matches of the 56 strongest champions who visited the homeland of Kurash from 4 continents were also full of fantastic moments.
Competitions with the participation of world champions and winners of international tournaments gave Kurash fans a real festive mood.
In the afternoon, the grand opening of the competition took place.
It was attended by President of the International Kurash Association Haider Farman, Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of Uzbekistan, First Vice–President of IKA Adham Ikramov, Vice–Presidents of IKA Mirampi Iliadis, Jaime Casanova, Thomas Dunker, Sherzodkhan Kudratkhoja and President of the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan, Prosecutor General Nigmatilla Yuldashev, Deputy Chairmen of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan Aziz Kamilov, Saken Pulatov.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, IKA President Haider Farman congratulated all the participants on the big Kurash tournament. Every athlete has proved that he is a real hero of Kurash in his homeland.
Chairman of the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan Nigmatilla Yuldashev said that he was glad to see representatives of the world Kurash family in the homeland of Kurash. In recent years, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Honorary President of the International Kurash Association Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, noted that he pleases everyone that our beloved Kurash is increasingly being popularized around the world.
With the participation of Uzbek pop stars, songs were performed praising the motherland, love, dancing, and Kurash.
After that, the most exciting and important part of the tournament began. The final competitions were held in 7 weight categories.
A dispute between long-time rivals who initially reached the final in the 66 kg weight category. It was held between Artem Shturbabin from Uzbekistan and Majid Vahid Barimanlu from Iran. The two athletes have clashed many times. The finals of the Asian Championship, the World Championship, tested them against each other for skill before.
Artem Shturtabin defeated his opponent with one “Yonbosh” and one “Chala.”
Another final that excited everyone unconditionally was with the participation of the World and Asian champion, winner of the Asian Games, the best Kurash Player of the world in 2022 Umid Esanov and the African Kurash champion, famous judo and jiu-jitsu athlete Basel Eldeb.
Both Umid Esanov and Basel Eldeb reached the final with a clean score of “Halol”. And in the final, the representative of the Motherland Kurash did not leave a chance to hes rival. An honest and clean victory!
The European champion in Kurash in the category up to 90 kg, the world champion in sambo Givinia Shvili from Georgia, left all her rivals in spots and celebrated the championship.
The main match of the tournament took place in the absolute weight category with the participation of eternal rivals.
Kurash legend Mukhsin Khisomiddinov and Kyrgyzstani Bekbolot Toktogov met in the final. As in all previous fights, Mukhsin defeated the Kyrgyz opponent again this time.

All winners and prize winners:
-66 kg weight category
1. Artyom Shturbabin (Uzbekistan)
2. Majid Barimanlou (Iran)
3. Savv Karakizidis (Greece)
3. Niko Tchikaidze (Georgia)

-81 kg weight category
2. Basel Eldeb (Egypt)
3. Thomas Belen (Dominican Republic)
3. Constant Ikomo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

-90 kg weight class
1. Pa Gviniashvili (Georgia)
2. Nikita Duinovs (Latvia)
3. Angel Sanchez (Mexico)
3. Jamalbek Asilbek Uulu (Kyrgyz Republic)

+100 kg weight class (absolute)
2. Bekbolot Toktogonov (Kyrgyz Republic)
3. Tentore Masmanidis (Greece)
3. Resko Victors (Latvia)

-57 kg weight class
2. Pinky Balhara (India)
3. Victoria-Val Muratidou (Greece)
3. Nada Ashraf Salah (Egypt)

-70 kg weight class
1. Victo Bologan (Belgium)
2. Nada Mohamed Fahmy (Egypt)
3. Wang-Ting Lee (Chinese Taipei)
3. Ritika (India)

+70 kg weight class (absolute)
2. Audrey Puello (Dominican Republic)
3. Gabriela Gigova (Bulgaria)
3. Alina Burgeleya (Moldova)

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