Today, a press conference was held in the meeting room of the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of Uzbekistan with the participation of IKA President Haider Farman and Minister of Youth Policy and Sports, First Vice President of IKA Adham Ikramov.
The conference was attended by IKA Vice–presidents, Presidents of continental Kurash confederations, Presidents of National Kurash federations, referees, as well as coaches and media staff.
The President of IKA, who starts first, spoke in detail about the World Series Pro tournament. He expressed gratitude to the Government of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, and the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan for their great help in organizing this tournament.
Indeed, the World Series Pro is a new format of international tournaments held by the International Kurash Association.
In the tournament for the prize of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, qualifying stages were held on all continents of the world during the year.
At the end of the continental championships, men -66 kg, -81 kg, -90 kg and in absolute weight categories, as well as women -57 kg, -70 kg and absolute weight categories entered the World Series Pro tournament.

According to the IKA calendar plan, in April of this year the Asian qualification stage was held in Hangzhou, China, in July – the African qualification stage in Cairo, Egypt, in August – the Pan-American qualification stage in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and in October – the European qualification stage in Thessaloniki, Greece

According to the competition regulations, athletes who took 1st and 2nd places at each of the continental stages are eligible to participate in the final stage of the World Series Pro tournament.
On November 22, the final of the World Series will be held in Tashkent, where the winners will be determined.
The prize fund of the competitions organized by the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of Uzbekistan, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, and the Kurash Federations of Uzbekistan is 120 thousand US dollars. 56 athletes from 28 countries in 7 weight categories will take part in the competitions, which will be held at the Alpomish sports complex.
Speaking at the conference, the Minister of Youth Policy and Sports, the first president of the IKA, Adham Ikramov, said that he was glad to see all the guests in the homeland of Kurash.
He acknowledged that every Kurash competition held is organized at the cost of the hard work of all Kurash devotees. He thanked the President of the African Kurash Union Thomas Dunker, the President of the European Kurash Confederation Merampi Iliadis and the President of the Pan-American Kurash Union Jaime Casanova for their help in organizing the World Series Pro tournament.
During the conference, information was also provided on the preparations for the XIV World Senior Kurash Championship, which will be held on November 23-29 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
Within the framework of this championship, the next congress of the International Kurash Association, elections and international seminars for Kurash coaches and reeferees will be held. It is expected that the World Senior Kurash Championship will be attended by about 500 participants from Kurash federations of more than 60 countries.
Preparations for the big Kurash holiday, which is held on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, are being carried out at a very high level.
Kurash competitions will be held in the Olympic Town of Ashgabat.

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