A month ago Mr. Zukhurbek Nurmakhmatov was elected as a President and Akhtam Khokirov as a Vice-President of Tajikistan Kurash Federation. The new team is working with new goals on development of the Tajikistan Kurash .
Today, a meeting was held at the headquarters of the International Kurash Association with the Vice-President of the Tajikistan Kurash Federation, Akhtam Khokirov.
IKA General Secretary Mohammad Reza Nassiri,Head of the Administration Mansur Mirzaev, and Advisor Elyor Mirzaev took part in the meeting.
Akhtam Khokirov expressed his suggestions on further strengthening cooperation with IKA on popularization of Kurash as a sport in Tajikistan, holding national and international level competitions, organizing refereeing and coaching seminars.
During the conversation, IKA General Secretary Mohammad Reza Nassiri invited representatives of the Tajikistan Kurash Federation to the World Championship among seniors to be held in Turkmenistan.
Technical issues related to the organization and holding competitions were also discussed.

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