Kurash legend Mukhsin Khisomiddinov also won the 19th Asian Games.
Mukhsin Khisomiddinov defeated all his opponents in the +90 kg weight category at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.
At first, an athlete from Chinese Taipei was unable to compete against Mukhsin. In the quarter-final, Mukhsin Khisomiddinov, who took advantage of the offensive position of an athlete from Iraq, overcame his opponent with a halol assessment by using the shoulder method.
In the semi-final, Khisomiddionov faced Kunathip Yea-On from Thailand. The two athletes had also competed in the 2022 World Championships in Pune, but only in the final.
In the final match, the well-known athlete of Turkmenistan, Tejen Tejenov, lost to Mukhsin Khisomidinov.
Mukhsin Khisomiddinov is the best athlete in the world in the absolute weight category in the ranking athletes list of the International Kurash Association.
He has collected 4 times the World Championship (2015 Iran, 2017 Turkey, 2019 South Korea, 2022 India), 2 times the Asian Champion (2018 India, 2023 China).
He also took first place in the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games of 2017 and the 18th Asian Games of 2018.
He presented gold medals at the expense of our country in many international tournaments held for the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Prize.

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