These days, the Hangzhou city of China is at the centre of attention of the world sports community.
The extensive preparations made by the representatives of China for the Continental Olympics are surprising everyone.
Several sports competitions have been completed so far. The participants who have persevered through the years of hard training are being rewarded.
The organizing committee of the Asian Games has decided that the Xioshan Linpu Gymnasium will host Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Kurash sports.
According to the schedule, individual and team Judo competitions have been completed today.
The debates will begin to determine the names of the new heroes of the Asian Jiu-Jitsu Games tomorrow.
Kurash competitions will start on September 30. Athletes of the national teams have been preparing for the kurash competitions in the 7th weight category.
As of yesterday, the representatives of the national kurash team have been arriving to China. They are staying in the Olympic Village hotel that has been reserved for them and are also conducting training sessions.
In addition, about 40 ITOs of the International Kurash Association arrived in Hangzhou on the same day to organize and hold kurash matches.
They are getting a lot of support from the representatives of the organizing committee and volunteers.

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