One of the most beautiful cities in France is Cannes on the River Orne located in the northern part of the country.
Another important aspect of Cannes is that this city hosts international festivals.
There is probably no one who does not know and has not heard of the Cannes Film Festival.
The Cannes International Sports Festival, the largest in the field of sports, took place last weekend.
On the initiative of the President of the French Kurash Federation, Mr. Frederic Le Calvez, Kurash was presented at this prestigious festival.
Mr. Frederic says, “We have made great preparations for the festival.”
– I would like to express our gratitude to the administration of the city of Cannes for providing us with this opportunity
A magnificent pavilion was reserved for kurash. We have invited Mr. Ambeto, Referee Director of the African Kurash Union, to make the presentation interesting and to increase the admiration of the visitors. It was very convenient for us that Mr. Ambeto was in Paris at the same time.
Mr. Ambeto is a highly experienced kurash expert. For a few days, we prepared a program for further popularization of kurash in France.
The mayor and officials of the city of Cannes discovered and appreciated the kurash. In the future, they would like to organize major kurash competitions.
Additionally, we have reached positive agreements to open kurash clubs in many sports clubs specializing in judo, sambo and other martial arts in Cannes.

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