On 7th September, the 4th online secession took place between the IT developing Company which is making the draw system which will be linked to IKA registration system.
In the meeting that took over 1.5 hours between IKA General Secretary and Mr. Raul , Mr.Manoj and representing IKA on technical issues for the Program Mr Ajmal, different Topics discussed, which included the New Scoreboard System, the New keyboard and the unique system to make the scoreboards work without any wire.
Also, the new scoreboard program enables to register all scores and penalties in the final record sheets that shows if at a later stage, you may get full details of scores or penalties, it can show in details with the timing.
It also has unique features on Jazzo and medical examination display.
The draw has all the full features and is linked to the contest order sheet with the assignment of Referees for an unlimited number of gilams. The advantage of the system is that it operates on a wireless system.
The next meeting is scheduled end of next month where the result system, ID card and certificates will be checked out, Its hoped that after the next meeting the program will be tested at one of the national events.

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