The International Kurash Association is testing the new “IKA Registration system” platform (
This platform is the only system for registering participants in official competitions organized by IKA.
Not only athletes and coaches but also all representatives of national federations participating, are registered.
This system reduces the role of humans in the process of conducting competitions and allows the digitization of information. It also has more advantages than the traditional system.
Participants of the 14th World Senior Kurash Championship and IKA Congress, which will be held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, on November 23-28 of this year, will also register through the IKA Registration system.
The IKA Registration system, developed on the basis of the standards of the world’s most famous registration platform, is expected to serve as a database for the IKA Ranking Program in the future.
The official accounts of national federations are being opened these days.
For this purpose, we ask that each federation provide the IKA media team with the following information.
Name Federations:
President Name:
General Secretary Name:
Login and password (at least 8 words and numbers)

Please fill in the official form of the national federations and send the information to as soon as possible.

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