I am Reham Mostafa, the technical director of the Egyptian Kurash Committee. I am also an athlete, and I took the gold medal among the veterans at the 2019 World Judo Championship. I currently lead both girls and boys teams at Al-Jazeera Club in Cairo. I am a sports fan. I appreciate non-aggressive activities for people of all ages, young and old. This fandom brought me to Kurash. I can say that I consider Kurash to be the most suitable sport for everyone due to the noble qualities of Kurash, the absence of painful contractions, and the fact that the contests are held only in a standing position.
It’s a beautiful sport for young and old people, and it has no complications. It is easy, flexible, and suitable for everyone. That’s why I started to study it and read about it in the media.
Our friends in Saudi Arabia introduced this beautiful sport to their country earlier. They suggested that I form a Kurash Committee. After that, we officially started our activity. I would like to thank Mr. Sobeih for supporting us in this regard. Of course, there were a few challenges. We started with small clubs, step by step. And now, Kurash is becoming more and more interesting to young people. It began to spread among people, and the numbers started to increase rapidly.
Thank God, I chose a talented girl of 57 kilograms. Therefore, we prepared a special program for her and participated with her in the World Kurash Championship held in India last October.
In fact, she took seventh place, which is not a bad result for a start.
Our result had a positive effect on the pages of social networks and popularization of Kurash. Everyone started asking about Kurash. You know that for any project to be successful, we must first observe and study. I attended the Kurash Refereeing and Coaching Workshop in Brazzaville, Congo, last December. I spent a week learning new skills and finally passed the exam, and I received a 1 star referee license.
You know that national Federations develop when Kurash becomes popular in that country. The most important stages of popularization are, first of all, when athletes take medals from international competitions or when the biggest tournaments and championships are held in your country.
After that, the government will also support us. It is also widely covered in the media. Additionally, this promotes growth and development.
The International Kurash Association has always supported us. It has been cooperating in all matters important for development.
We were given the responsibility of organizing the African Championship in Egypt.
In order to organize the continental championship at a high level, we first conducted national training and refereeing seminars. Currently, all necessary technical preparations for the championship are being carried out. The organizing committee has focused on a modern sports complex for security, hotels, and many other issues. I believe that the African Championship and the WSP tournament will be organized at the highest level.

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