Ms Lucy Hu, the Assistant Competition Manager of Linpu Gymnasium, where Kurash, judo, and jiujitsu competitions of the 19th Asian Games will be held, was also scheduled to visit Tashkent. However, Ms Lucy’s trip was postponed due to organizational meetings related to the hosting of the Asian Games; in her absence, Mr Toby Tong member of the competition team on the first day of the trip visited the International Kurash Institute and got acquainted with the activities of the institute, the training of kurash specialists, and the work being done on improving their qualifications.
General Secretary of the International Kurash Association Mohammad Reza Nassiri, head of the IKA office Mansur Mirzaev, Rector of the Institute Habibulla Tadjiev and professors of the institute took part in the meeting organized in the institute. At the meeting, detailed information was given about the history of kurash, scientific and theoretical activities, and the development of kurash in the world.
Currently, with the support of the Chinese Government, the Chinese Kurash Association is trying to register with the relevant authorities in China, and IKA is very much looking forward to having China as a member in the future.

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