IKA General Secretary and Technical Director Reza Nassiri and IKA Head of administration Mansur Mirzaiev went to visit Lingpu Stadium in Lingpu City.

The Stadium fill filled all the requirement in accordance to the IKA Rules and regulations, and final inspection was made, two sets of Gilam 18×18 were layout (including safety area) and a total of 900 staff are involved for the Asian Championships and WSP Asian qualifier.

There will be live streaming through Lingpu City sport channel, also the main TV Channel of China CCTV made an exclusive interview with IKA Technical Director and it will be launched all over china on the 27th April which is the land mark of 150 Days to go before the games.

The Asian Championship’s will have 15 weight weight Categories (8 Women and 7 Men) and the WSP will have 7 weight categories withy Prize money.

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