According to the IKA schedule, the European Championship and the World Series Pro (WSP) tournament will be hosted on 10-12 October 2023 by the ancient city of Rome, Italy.
The members of the organizing committee are conduct supervision work in Rome in order to organize and hold the prestigious Kurash holiday at the highest level.
On February 27th, IKA Vice-President Ziyoviddin Khodjiniyazov, IKA General Secretary, Technical Director Reza Nassiri, IKA Administration Head Mansur Mirzaev, Italian Kurash Federation President Vittorio Giorgi and Italian Kurash Federation Technical Director Massimo Mattioli visited several sport facilities in the capital.
The Olympic Martial Arts Sports Centre in Rome is one of the most prestigious sport complexes not only in Italy, but also in Europe.
The center can accommodate more than 1500 spectators and is also up to date to the newest and modern sport standards.
It hosted the World and European championships in judo, jiujitsu, and karate.
Most importantly, the Olympic Martial Arts Centre has its own hotel, chain of restaurants and recreational areas. The complex differs from other sport venues due to its proximity to the sea, transportation and communication facilities.
The organizing committee has made the necessary arrangements to hold great Kurash festivities at the Olympic Martial Arts Sports Centre.

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