The Dominican Republic Kurash Federation is a national federation that has truly become the lifeblood of Kurash in South America. With the efforts of the federation’s leaders, national championships and continental championships are regularly held at a high level every year.

In particular, kurash fans remember that the Dominican Republic hosted the V World Youth Championship in 2005. In 2015, this country initiated the holding of the Kurash Month with the participation of federations that are members of the Pan American Kurash Confederation.

Since 2018, February 23 has been celebrated as National Kurash Day in the Dominican Republic.

With the support of the Dominican government and the decision of the executive committee of the country’s Kurash Federation, on February 23, Kurash demonstrations, refereeing seminars, training sessions, various contests and many other events dedicated to the promotion of the sport of Kurash will be held.
Due to its attractiveness and humanitarianism, the sport of kurash occupies a worthy place in the hearts of the peoples of our mother planet. Every year, the number of countries that become members of the international family of kurash is constantly increasing.

Today, fighting terms such as “Kurash” “Halal” “Tukhta” “Tazim” “Yonbosh” “Chala” are heard in more than 140 countries of the world.

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