Kurash is an honest and equal sport. The word “kurash” means struggle but the word has a deeper meaning: a direct way to victory.
The International Kurash Association has been a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency since 2010.
The IKA has previously adopted all of WADA’s major doping requirements. The Prohibited Substances and Preparations announced annually apply to all our players and coaches through our social media.
As of this year – 2023 at all continental, World Championships, and selected International tournaments including WSP ( World Series Pro), Asian Games, and Indoor Games, test samples are taken from winners and other participants.
However, several unpleasant situations have been observed.
When analyzing the period from 2010 to today, over 15 cases of violation of anti-doping occurred. Out of these positive tests, there were mainly male athletes, including 4 female athletes. Of the substances taken, most of the substances used were anabolic steroids and stimulators.
Athletes who tested positive were sentenced per WADA rules and regulations for 2 – 4 years and banned from all sports activities.
However, there is another side to the matter. It is not correct to blame only the athlete here. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that those who created the conditions for them, did not guide them accordingly, and did not inform them about the negative aspects of doping in time, are equally guilty, and all of this is due to the lack of knowledge.
First, coaches are responsible for organizing the work correctly and preventing athletes from using prohibited drugs. In addition, the officials of national federations should also put the issue of responsibility for doping on the agenda and work closely with the local National Anti-Doping Agency ( NADO).

Starting from 2023, with the new contract being made between WADA, International Test Agency (ITA), and IKA we will witness many positive works in cleaning our sport, In accordance with the contract made to the value of $150000 we will see Educational seminars in 6 different languages ( English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish ), Educational Workshops, on sight seminars, registration of elite athletes, whereabouts, ADAMS – anti-doping administration and management system, TUE therapeutic use exemption, Speak UP! report-doping, whistleblower platform, Anti-Doping Process…

An Elite athlete rating system will also be introduced. Qualified athletes will be under anti-doping control regardless of the competition period.

Currently, under the leadership of the IKA Medical Chairman Dr.Park and IKA General Secretary Reza Nassiri, the current year’s Anti-Doping Activities Program is being developed based on the recommendations of WADA and ITA experts. A detailed program of events will be announced soon.
The goal of all of this is to further increase the attractiveness of kurash and present kurash as an honest sport to the world.
We have a lot to do in this regard but I am confident that together, as one family, we will achieve our goals.

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