Despite the fact that the Angolan kurash federation started its activities recently, thanks to the efforts of the federation’s leaders, kurash has been developing in the country.
Currently, positive agreements have been reached with the Ministry of Sports, the NOC on support of kurash in Angola.
The Angolan delegation visited the Republic of South Africa and met with the President of the African Kurash Union, Mr. Thomas Dunker.
At the meeting, Mr. T. Dunker informed the guests about the international kurash competitions planned for this year, as well as seminars for athletes, coaches and referees.
According to the new IKA rules, now all athletes must have at least 2 lines in the belt to participate in any international kurash competitions.
In December 2022, an international kurash week was organized in the Republic of Congo with the participation of national kurash federations of Africa. Seminars and exams were held for coaches and referees, as well as an international kurash tournament dedicated to the memory of Francis Angat.
Since the Angolan kurash federation could not take part in these prestigious competitions, the federation appealed to AKU president with a request to organize a training seminar for Angolan kurash specialists in the field of refereeing and coaching.
Under the guidance of Mr. T. Dunker, skill lessons were also organized for the delegates of Angola.
The seminar was held on the basis of practical and theoretical knowledge.

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