12 Dec 2022 marks the first day of the 2 day coaching seminar in the Dominican republic ,the two-stage international seminars organized for the Pan American Kurash Union in cooperation with International Kurash Institute with the support of  International Kurash Association has started its work.

Jaime Casanova, President of Pan American Kurash Union, wished success to all the professionals participating in today’s training.

IKI expert Olimjon Ravshanov, who is directly participating in this international seminar, conducts theoretical and practical training with Pan American kurash experts on 56 methods of kurash divided into 7 groups.

Also, the General Secretary of International Kurash Association, technical director, head of the Scientific Department of the International Kurash Institute, Mr. Muhammad Reza Nassiri, is giving necessary instructions and advice to the participants of the seminar through the Zoom platform as a back up to create the ideal team.

At the same time, Mansur Mirzaev, head of International Kurash Association, Soyibjon Tilabaev, Shuhrat Keldiyorov, Akrom Abdulahatov and Farrukh Ahmedov, students of International Kurash Institute, are monitoring the training sessions online.

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