As previously reported, on November 24, a meeting and congress of the EC of the International Kurash Association took place at the Sheraton and Ramada hotels in Pune.
IKA representatives presented their reports on about 20 issues on the agenda.
At the end of the conference, which was held with interesting discussions, questions and answers, important decisions were made on the development of kurash in the world.
IKA media team plans to present to your attention reports and speeches of officials of the International Kurash Association, who spoke and presented reports at the meeting.
-The European Kurash Confederation held several events throughout the year. With the support of the International Kurash Association, EKC has achieved a high level of organization of a number of competitions.
On October 21-23, the continental championship among adults, juniors and youth teams in kurash “referee exam” were held in the city of Kozani, Greece.
About 300 athletes from 15 countries of the continent took part in it.
We are also trying to expand the geography of competitions in our annual calendar. This will serve to increase interest in the kurash, while also attracting new members in the same area.
This year we have also presented kurash at several international sports exhibitions, at major cultural events.
At the same time, new federations have been opened this year in Switzerland and the Netherlands. In Poland, Bulgaria, and France, federations started to operate again.
I think that the European continent is one of the most important links in the development of kurash. Based on our ambitious goals, we will develop kurash together.
The presence of difficulties is a natural process. In Europe, the kurash does not stop and continues to develop.
It was good news for us that IKA President negotiates with the European Olympic Committee to include kurash in the program of the European Youth Games as an official sport.

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