On 17 November Heads of the AJOU MOTOR COLLEGE of the Republic of Korea visited the headquarters of the International Kurash Association in Tashkent today.
IKA Secretary General Mr. Mohammad Reza Nassiri held a meeting with professor of the International Cooperation Department of the College Mr. Kwonse Kim and staff in charge of the Department Shin Jun Yong.
During the meeting, bilateral cooperation, development of kurash in Korea and the planned competitions in the future in Korea were comprehensively discussed.
According to Mr. Kwonse Kim, the College specializes in the field of automotive and mechanical engineering and a kurash club was created for College students. Preparatory work is regularly carried out so that participants of the college club may participate in international competitions in the future.
During the visit, the guests also visited the International Kurash Museum and got acquainted with the exhibits dedicated to the development of kurash in the world.
Mr. Kim Eur Joong, Korean kurash specialist, international class referee, expert of the International Kurash Institute was awarded with a diploma of appreciation by the College administration.
For reference: AJOU MOTOR COLLEGE was founded in 1977 as the Daewoo Academy of Automotive Industry. In 2004, the Ministry of Education and Science and Technology of Korea renamed the College as a AJOU MOTOR COLLEGE.
The College is one of the prestigious educational institutions that annually trains thousands of the strongest specialists for large companies in the Korean automotive industry.

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