Kurash Yakhtak

1.The participants of the competition should wear a dark blue or green yakhtak, white trousers, a red belt. And, the participant called first comes in a dark blue dressing gown, and the second one — in a green dressing gown. Types of colors used: blue — 5-zm; green — 4-kx.
2. The uniform should be made from cotton, be in good condition, the material should not be very rigid or dense.
3. The following marking is allowed:
* State Emblem (on the left part of breast, maximum size: 10х10 cm);
* trade mark of manufacturer (3х3 cm in front below the jacket);
* shoulder marking (not more then 25 cm, width up to 5 cm);
* tabs (25х25 cm, allowed on back, may include wrestler’s surname).
4. The yakhtak should be 15-20 cm above knees. The yakhtak sleeves should not cover wrists. 8 cm should be between a hand and a sleeve. The trousers should be up to feet. 15-20 cm should be between a trouser-leg and a leg. A belt should be 4-5 cm in width. It should be such in length that after two turns round the waist and tying up, the ends still have not less than 20 cm in length.
5. Women-participants should wear a durable white sports shirt or tricot with short sleeves under their yakhtak, tucked into trousers.
6. If a yakhtak of a participant does not meet the requirements, the arbitrator should require from participant to change yakhtak. Participant must draw out his/her hands before him/her and thus show the arbitrator that the length and width of yakhtak sleeves correspond to the rules.
7. The Kurash players of both sexes wrestle on bare feet.

Find out more about the Kurash yaktak and belt standards in this file

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