Located at an altitude of 710 meters above sea level, Kozani is located in the northern part of Greece.
Kozani is a city in a valley with a unique nature, located on the banks of the Aliakmon River in the foothills of Vermion and Vorinos.
This city has served as one of the cultural centers of Greece and Macedonia for thousands of years, although it was founded in the 15th century by the Ottoman Empire.
According to the calendar plan of the International Kurash Association on October 21-23, 2022 the European Kurash Championship will be held in the city of Kozani.
Within the framework of the Continental Senior, Junior, Cadet Championships, it is also planned to hold, in cooperation with the International Kurash Institute, refereeing and coaching seminars for representatives of the National Kurash Federations of Europe.
In recent years, the number and quality of kurash Championships and tournaments in the European continent has been constantly growing.
New National federations are accepted as members of the European and Global kurash family.
Nowaday the European Kurash Confederation is conducting preparatory work for the Continental championship. According to the President of the European Confederation of Kurash Mirabi Iliadis, more than 300 athletes from 15 European countries will compete for the victory at the gilam.

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