The IKA media team continues to present interviews of the participants of the World Championship

Binyamin Er – Member of the IKA Referee Committee (Turkey)

I’m from Turkey. I have been in the world of sports since I was 11 years old. I think I have achieved good results as an athlete.
After the end of my sports career, I chose the profession of refereeing without hesitation.
As a coach, I also brought up a lot of students. In 2004, I was transferred to the Turkish national judo team.
I am a referee with a 3-star level in kurash. I am also a judo referee. I took part in Beijing Olympics-2008, London Olympics-2012 as a referee.
For the first time in a competition I took part as a referee at the World Senior Championship in 2000 in Antalya.
Over the past period, I have judged a huge number of kurash competitions, world and European championships.
You know, referees is a very responsible sphere. If you make a small mistake without knowing about it, you will violate the rights of the other party. Then it will be difficult for you to answer even to your own conscience.
Therefore, I teach young referees always be attentive, first of all make a fair decision and objectively judge competitions.
Today we have 210 referees and 42 coaches in Turkey. Every year 2 times we organize seminars on refereeing and coaching.
The support of the Turkish Ministry of Sports and Youth of our federation has a positive impact on our activities.
As a ViceaPresident of the European Kurash Confederation, I also strive to turn Turkey into a training center for continental referees.
Kurash Federation of Turkey has a lot of experience. Turkey held 3 times World Kurash Senior Championships and many competitions.
I am glad that I was invited to the World Kurash Senior Championship, which will be held in the Indian city of Pune. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the President and the Secretary General of the International Kurash Association for their trust in me.
It is certainly a great honor for me to be a referee at the most important kurash event of the year.
In recent years, the Technical director of the International Kurash Association Reza Nassiri has introduced a new and more advanced system for improving the qualifications of Kurash referees, allowing qualified referees to participate in competitions.
At the same time, not only the number of quality referees increases, but also the quality of competitions.
The level of kurash is growing day be day.
I believe that this time the competitions at the World Championship will be conducted by the best referees.
I am glad to hear about the work done by the Organizing Committee. Every achievement in kurash is the achievement of all of us. The Organizing Committee is doing a lot of work.
I wish success to all participants and organizers. I am very glad that we are waiting for a wonderful holiday Kurash.

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