The city of Pune is one of the cultural centers of India. The city, whose history dates back to 847 AD, is home to about 5 million people. Located at an altitude of 560 meters above sea level, this city is located at the confluence of the Mula and Muta rivers.
The climate is typical of the climate of the tropical savana, and there are mainly 3 seasons. Summer (March to May), monsoon season (June to October) and winter (November to February). The average temperature in winter is 22-30 degrees.
The city of Pune also has about 200 different historical, archaeological sites and attractions.
It is in the city of Pune that the largest kurash competitions will be held this year.
The Kurash World Championship among adults will be held on November 23-28 at the Shivachhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune.
Within the framework of the Championship, the XIX Congress of the International Kurash Association and the international IKA refree exams at the level of 2-3 stars will be held.
Currently, International Kurash Association and the Organizing committee are conducting preparatory work for the upcoming championship.
IKA has established an online registration system for the participants of this championship.
While more than 50 countries have registered in the first stage, the second stage of registration continues these days.
At the second stage, national federations are required to register the data of athletes, referees and official delegates participating in the Congress.
The registration period for participants will end on October 15.

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