Recently, the creators of Fight Academy, known for their unique and captivating videos on the World Of Martial Arts, ventured into Uzbekistan. There, Muhammad Zoubi and his team crafted three distinctive videos that delve into the traditional martial art of Kurash, a unique addition to their collection.

These films, featuring members of the Uzbekistan national Kurash team, prominent Kurash athletes, and specialists, were shot in the breath-taking settings of Samarkand, Tashkent City, and the Angren mountains, where the national kurash team trains, adding a stunning visual element to the videos.

Yesterday, Fight Academy premiered the series’ first video on Muham Zoubi’s YouTube Channel, offering viewers an in-depth look into Kurash. The video delves into Kurash’s rich history and techniques and highlights the rigorous training camp of the Uzbekistan national team in Angren Mountain (Tashkent region). Throughout the video, Muhammad Zoubi trains alongside the Kurash athletes, culminating in a thrilling test of his skills.

We invite you to watch the video and immerse yourself in the world of Kurash. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, share your thoughts in the comments, and recommend the video to your friends!

Stay tuned for the upcoming videos, which are currently in the final editing stages. Watch the movie through the link below and be part of this exciting journey.

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