Uzbek referees have great potential, all they need to use it properly – Mohammad Reza Nassiri, General Secretary of IKA

In recent years, the level of participation of Uzbek referees at international level exams organized by the International Kurash Association for referees was very low.
This causes them to limit their participation in international competitions.
Since 2022, many international seminars and exams have been held within the framework of the continental and world championships which were attended by representatives of the Kurash homeland.
However, this is not enough for a national federation with such great refereeing potential. Within the framework of this seminar, organized by the Uzbekistan Kurash Federation and the International Kurash Institute, international exams are being held for the first time for one state federation.
I discovered so many talented judges today. They have great potential. Only if they use it appropriately, and develop it, they will achieve great results.
I would like to express my special gratitude to the organizers, especially to the Fergana Kurash Federation and the executive director, Sevarakhan Dehkhanova, for their hard work and high-level preparation.

It gives me great pleasure to report that there are now more than 30 Uzbek referees participating internationally.
Khikmat Kurtov is the referee director of the Uzbekistan Kurash Federation.

Today we had a very beneficial seminar and exams. It was really essential for our referees. The result of the sport is largely determined by the referees decision .An athlete’s hard work, in a few minutes, can be ruined due to the inexperience or mistake of the referee.
I am glad that today the number of referees from Uzbekistan who hold international levels has increased to 30. I would like to express my gratitude to the International Kurash Association and the International Kurash Institute for providing us with this opportunity. In many respects, we needed the seminar. We even found answers to our controversial questions, in different situations and providing them with a suitable assessment. In the upcoming years, we are planning to hold this kind of collaborative seminars and examinations as well.

I am pleased to receive the international 1 star refereeing licence- Alisher Khudoyberdiev. Referee

I was very happy to hear about the seminar and international exam for Kurash coaches and referees, especially that these events will be held in my hometown, Fergana because there are quotas for participating countries in exams held abroad. Moreover, issues such as air ticket and hotel are always relevant for the participants which is very costly.
The seminar hosted by Ferghana was a great experience for me. I have been coaching for many years. In addition, I referee competitions at the national level.
I organized a circle of young referees under the Fergana Kurash Federation. I also teach the secrets of refereeing to more than 30 of my students aged from 6 to 15.
I want them to show their talent in national and international competitions in the future.

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