As we reported, an international seminar for kurash federation within Pan American Kurash Union is being held in collaboration with IKI in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.
President of the Pan American Kurash Association Jaime Casanova and Rector of IKI Khabibulla Tadjiev opened the next day of the two-stage seminar today.
In particular, Mr. Jaime Casanova thanked the officials of IKA and IKI for their cooperation and emphasized that these trainings will be of great importance in improving the experience of specialists on the continent, will serve to further develop kurash in Pan America and increase the number of kurash enthusiasts.
Habibulla Tadjiev of IKI noted with great satisfaction that Pan American kurash specialists were conducting several days of training in a high mood, with great interest and intelligence, and were carefully implementing each of the experts’ instructions.
Today, the expert of IKI Olimjon Ravshanov, who is directly participating in the International Seminar, conducted theoretical and practical training on 56 methods of kurash divided into 7 groups.
Secretary General of the IKА, Technical Director, Head of the Scientific Department of IKI, Mr. Muhammad Reza Nassiri, Head of the Apparatus of IKA, Mansur Mirzaev, and Head of the International Department of IKI, Anna Ulanova, followed the seminar processes through the Zoom platform and gave necessary instructions and advice to the participants.

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