Mr.Sayid Mahmoud Ziyo Dashti, President of the Kurash Federation of Afghanistan, member of the Executive Committee of the Kurash Confederation of Asia and Oceania is making huge efforts to popularize kurash and organize international competitions not only in Afghanistan, but also on the Asian continent.
This year, Kurash Federation of Afghanistan has organized more than 10 kurash competitions of various levels throughout the country. Regional championships, refereeing and coaching seminars are held throughout the region of the country.
During the Asian Kurash Championship in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) and the Kurash competitions within the framework of the World Ethnosport Games program in Turkey, Afghan athletes won many medals.
Afghan athletes are also planning to take part at the World Kurash Senior Championship, which will be held on November 23-28 in Pune of India.
In the program “Varzshei Afghanistan” on the Central TV channel “TOLO”, Mr. Sayid Mahmoud Ziyo Dashti informed about the preparations for the World Championship and the International championship held this year and plans for next year.
According to Mr. Ziyo Dashti, in addition to the National championship of the country, the Central Asian Kurash Championship is also planned to be held in Afghanistan.

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