Italian Kurash Federation is perhaps the most active national federation amongst Europe.
President of the federation, Mr. Vittorio Giorgi, regularly works on the development and popularization of kurash in Italian sports associations.
National championships and international seminars are held throughout the year.
Articles and reports on kurash are widely covered in the most prestigious Italian media.
The publication ”CS-Campania Sport” is one of the publications that has special authority in the Italian media. Recently, another article about kurash was published in CS-Campania Sport.
The article published an interview with the President of the Italian Kurash Federation Mr. Vittorio Giorgi about the participation of Italian athletes in the Nomad Games 2022.
Mr. Vittorio quotes in the article: “The World Nomad Games are aimed at the development of ethnosport and ethno-cultural movement in the world, which is part of the heritage of human civilization. During this period, we are all deeply concerned about the tragic events of the situation in Ukraine; this extraordinary event can express a strong positive message based on peace and brotherhood between peoples.” Also Mr. Vittorio is the IKA representative for the Nomad Games 2022
Below you can read the article:

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