Upon request of General Hafil Fuddin from IKA, One of the Chief Instructors of IKA/IKI was deployed to conduct the course in Indonesia; over 50 People attended the course. This number was according to the quota from 22 Provinces attending.
The first day was the opening ceremony with a speech from General Mr Abdul Hafil Fuddin in his speech of opening ceremony stated that this event was initiated by PB Ferkushi to increase referee and Coach skills that Will increase Kurash Development spread over Indonesia. He also thanked Mr H.Farman for this opportunity, and the day started with referring PowerPoint and practical refereeing for all participants. Basic knowledge of refereeing is essential when it comes to national Coaches.
The remainder of the days was devoted to Practical work for coaches giving them a chance to try out different techniques and tactics, which brought across the 7 Groups of IKA Official Techniques with different variations; being a young federation, basic and intermediate levels were mainly focused on the methods taught.
Dr Vahid Pouresfandiar “ I hope this kind of practical workshop will help to Develop Kurash in Indonesia, the style of Indonesians is very much a fighting style which gives them an advantage, I hope more and more National Federations invest on Education, and I am sure that they will see the results.

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