The World Championship is the largest and most prestigious competition in all sports. International Kurash Association holds this championship every two years, One year for Senior and one Year for Juniors.
According to the IKA calendar plan, Kurash World Championship among seniors will be held in Pune of, India, on November 23-28, 2022.
Within the championship framework, it is also planned to hold the next Congress of the International Kurash Association and the 2-3 stars international examination of referees.
IKA Technical Commission and Indian Kurash Association have started preparatory works on organising and conducting a significant event at the highest level. In September, there will be an Inspection Visit to India to finalise all the preparation.
Invitations were sent out to all IKA official national federations. The International Relations Department of IKA contacts the national federations participating in the World Championships.
Starting this year, applications for participation will be sent based on the new system. Now, athletes, referees and officials will send applications online.

This system is a very convenient platform for both organisers and participants and serves to avoid excessive waste of time and confusion in the documentation.
You can download the Invitation to the World Championships and the registration procedures on the following link:

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