On the 19th of August, a Joint meeting was held between Reza Nassiri, IKA General Secretary and the IKI Rector, Mr.Habibullah Tadjiev and all experts of the International Kurash Institute to discuss an important issue.

Mr Nassiri stated that due to the pandemic, it has become customary for many online activities to happen in our sport. We see many online Coaching and refereeing seminars, however recently we have been invited to ONLINE Championships like the World Martial Arts Masterships, and mainly it’s done by the way of Kata or forms of techniques.

Last year we participated only not to lose our quota and to have Kurash present next to other sports Like Taekwondo, Judo, karate etc. We participated in 6 events Men/Men- Women/Women- Men/Women (mixed) for those under 35 Years and above. Last year we asked that participants choose one technique from each of our 7 Groups.

This time we want to make it UNIFIED and Official; Mr. Nassiri then showed a video that he made with the help of the Vietnamese Kurash and asked the institute experts to give their opinion and thoughts on it to create a real Kurash Ususl.

Mr Tadjiev liked the idea and asked all experts of IKI to use all their expertise and get advice from more senior Kurash experts with vast knowledge to make the Ususl.

It was decided to have 1 technique from each group and one Jazo technique adding to 8 techniques in total for the first group. It was agreed that the suggestions will be ready by 1st September 2022, and we hope that we can use them as a TEST in the next edition of World Martial Arts Masterships.
We are open to ideas or suggestions from all our Kurash family around the world; you may contact International Kurash Institute at: info@iki-kurash.org

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