Day 1 Referring Course and Seminar 23 June ,2022
Pune , Balewadi Sport Complex
Experts from International Kurash Association were invited to conduct the Refereeing Course, Mr.Reza Nassiri IKA Technical Director (IRI) Mr.Ali Shaerkani ( KSA ). It was attended by nearly 100 People (96) and the IKA Rules in accordance with IKA S.O.R were introduced, also the new rules which is on trial to approved at the next congress were also shown.
Mr.Tytler Chief Parton and founder of Kurash Association of India were present and welcome all , the floor was handed to MR.Popli President of Kurash Association of India for speech where he stated that he will carry out the IKA World Championships at the highest level.
At the end of the seminar, the participants were handed certificates of Participation, It’s the first time in the history of Kurash Association of India and IKA Event in Refereeing, Coaching, Grading and competition is Held

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