To all Kurash players, coaches, referees, officials and followers from around the world

Dear Friends!

It is my pleasure indeed to address to you on behalf of the IKA, the international sport organization promoting the sport called Kurash in the world since 1998!

Kurash is a very ancient sport with roots going back to more than three millenniums. It started in Asia but today it is a truly international sport with federations in more than 100 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Pan America.

Today Kurash is a sport which is officially recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia (since 2003), the sport which features in different programs of Asian Games (since 2006).

Our aim is to make Kurash as popular as possible, to share its ancient values and philosophy with people from around the world, most importantly with growing generation.

I hope that together we will continue to contribute to the rapid and sustainable growth of Kurash as a young international sport with ancient roots.