SportAccord 2024, which brings together the lens of world leaders in sports, business, media, law, health, travel and other fields, and creates an opportunity to discover the power of sports, will also officially include Kurash.
Innovative initiatives, new event models, global proposals will be discussed at the global sports event, which will be hosted by the city of Birmingham, Great Britain, on April 7-11.
Important figures in world politics and sports, influential state and public figures are expected to participate in the event.
The most prestigious global sports and business meeting of the year will also organize practical seminars on important issues such as AI and WEB 3, the use of advanced technologies in sports and the optimization of events and trips.
This year, an official exhibition on Kurash will also be held at these events.
Under the leadership of the President of the International Kurash Association Haider Farman, high-level preparations are being made for this prestigious sports week.
In the International Convention Center of Birmingham, a special pavilion has been set aside for Kurash. It is expected to present gifts and exhibits reflecting the history, development and modern achievements of Kurash.

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