It was chosen as the official motto of the European Kurash Championship.
This year, the ancient and beautiful city of Edirne will host the most prestigious Kurash festival of the old continent.
This city was founded by the Thracians under the name Odris in the 4th century BC.
In the 14th century, it gained fame as the capital of the Ottoman Turks.
Edirne is one of the favorite destinations of world tourists with its rich historical monuments and beautiful nature.
The European Kurash Championship among senior, youth age categories as well as cadets will be held on June 21-23 of this year in the city of Edirne in the Shukripashsha Kapali sport complex.
As a part of the championship, the Ordinary Congress meeting of the European Kurash Confederation, seminars and exams for Kurash coaches and referees, and the Draw will be organized on June 21.
The best European Kurash athletes will be on the Gilam for the continental championships on June 22-23.
President of the Turkish Kurash Federation, Muammer Maden, told the IKA media team that preparations are being made to organize the championship at the highest level.
I would like to express my pleasure to host such a prestigious competition. I can say that the interest in the championship is very high. On behalf of Turkey, 94 athletes and 26 coaches will defend the honor of our country in the championship. 10 of our referees will participate in the International refereeing exam. We try to present Kurash in the best possible way in Turkey. Thanks to those who supports us.
From hotels to transportation, the state of preparation of the sport complex is being carried out under the supervision of the President of the European Kurash Confederation, Mr. Iliadis.
Another aspect of the choice of Edirne is that this city is the connecting city of Turkey with the European continent.
It is expected that this will serve to increase the number of participants along with creating convenience for the participating countries.

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