CISM is the International Military Sport Council, second only to the International Olympic Committee in terms of prestige.
CISM sport commission head Farshad Najafipour is currently in Tashkent on a working visit.
Farshad Najafipour is also an expert of the International Kurash Institute.
He has been teaching sports psychology students in online courses organized by the institute.
Today, Mr. Farshad Najafipour and his companions from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited the IKA Headquarters.
Rector of International Kurash Institute Khabibulla Tadjiev and Head of IKA Administration Mansur Mirzaev welcomed the guests.
The meeting provided detailed information about the activities of the International Kurash Association and the International Kurash Institute.
Sincere thanks were given for his work in International Kurash Seminars.
On his part, Mr. Najafipour expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome.
He admitted that he has known Kurash well for many years, and at the same time, he is satisfied that he is making a small contribution to the work being done to popularize Kurash.
A few days ago, he said that he participated in the Asian Senior Kurash Championship held in Tehran, and that he was a direct witness of the charm and technical aspects of Kurash.
He recognized that sport calls people to friendship and peace, and these aspects are embodied in the sport of Kurash.
During the day, the guests also got visited the International Kurash Museum.
Exhibits, medals, and souvenirs aroused great interest among the guests.

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