Despite being one of the youngest federations, the Mexican Kurash Federation is doing a great job.
Organized Kurash events, seminars and competitions are also very prestigious.
The “KURASH OPEN MEXICO” tournament, included in the schedule of the International Kurash Association, was also organized and held on the basis of high-level preparation.
On Saturday, March 16, despite being a holiday, participants and spectators attended the International Tournament of Kurash, a new sport for Mexico.
Another important aspect of the tournament, organized under the leadership of Professor Juan Cruz and the technical support of Professor Mayladi Chirinos, is that the winning Kurash athletes will also earn important ranking points for the World Series Pro (WSP) tournament.
This year, the World Series Pro (WSP) tournament is scheduled to be played by the Pan American Kurash Union for 3 more ranking points in Brazil, the Dominican Republic and the continental championships.
In the celebration of Kurash held in Mexico, the Autonomous University of Queretaro, the National Polytechnic Institute, the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, the Autonomous University of Mexico, the Alfa Combat Center of the State of Morelos, the Black Mamba of the State of Queretaro, the State of Coraab, the Licantropos del Valle de Toluca of the State of Guerrero, Kurash, the Okami of Mexico City, Guerrero more than 100 Kurash athletes participated on behalf of Tigres de Chilpancingo from the state, Kurash Acapulco from the state of Guerrero and Centro Social Kurash and Deportivo Guelato and other teams.
Before the competition, Pan American Kurash Federation representative Professor Luis Bogantes and technical director Oscar Morales organized a seminar on Kurash refereeing.
At the opening ceremony of the tournament, a presentation on the history of Kurash, its rules and activities in the world was held in collaboration with famous artists and sculptors Xohipilli Ramirez, Jonathan Ornelas and former athlete Mirari Escobar.
The organizers thanked the mayor of Cuautemoc, the directors of Deportivo Guelato, Professor Pablo Camarena, for their help in organizing the tournament at a high level.
After the competition, prizes were awarded to the winners in different weight categories.

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