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I am Juan da Wei. I spent my childhood in Tehran. I moved to live in Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) when I was around 20 years old.
My childhood was full of fun and adventure because I was always trying new activities. Over the years I have been involved in various sports. I found that sport is necessary for me not only to be healthy and strong, but also for self-confidence.
I am especially interested in martial arts. Most I spend my free time in the gym.
During my years at school, I excelled in my studies and participated in several extracurricular activities. After I entered high school, I decided to choose a specific direction to go in, believing that it would be a solid foundation for future activities.
I am currently doing business in Taiwan. I believe that if a person enjoys any activity, it will rise to the level of creativity.
However, apart from my main activity, sport has become an integral part of my life. The philosophy of sports is important in life as victory and defeat are always side by side. Wins and losses. But in my opinion, this is important.
I have many friends and mentors in the sports atmosphere. I feel a lot of help and support from them. In fact, this is a special motivation for me to move forward.
I have always enjoyed the physical and mental challenges that come with sports and I believe they have played an important role in shaping my character and instilling discipline in me.
My first acquaintance with Kurash was at the 2005 World Championship held in Tashkent. The unique combination of technique, strength and strategy of this sport immediately attracted me. I decided to give it a try and instantly fell in love with Kurash.
Kurash is an important part of my life. It became more than just a sport or hobby. Kurash became a passion and a way of life for me. I devoted countless hours to Kurash, training and improving my skills. It taught me the importance of discipline, determination and the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.
Over the years I have had an opportunity to compete in many national and international Kurash competitions. I had the honor to represent myself in various competitions and achieved success.
One of the proudest moments of my Kurash career is competing in two Asian Games. Indoor Games, Beach Games, World Championships, Asian Championships and Tournaments. I think it was due to many years of hard work and the help of my teachers Mr.Ziyoviddin and Mr. Reza Nasseri.
After completing my sports career, I am also working as a team leader and coach for those interested in Kurash. I also believe that I can convey the best aspects of the sport that has given me so much to the youth. I enjoy helping others develop their skills and reach their full potential.
I think I should mention one more thin, I have a passion for traveling and learning about different cultures. This interest made me learn new experiences through Kurash. Seeing new places and meeting new people broadens our horizons and helps us grow as individuals.
Overall, Kurash has played a huge role in shaping who I am today. It has taught me valuable life lessons, introduced me to incredible people, and provided me with countless unforgettable experiences. I am grateful for the opportunities given to me.
In recent years, information technology, especially the Internet, has covered the whole world. It was these opportunities that led to the creation of the World Kurash Family Group on the Facebook social network, which united many representatives of the Kurash world.
In this group, I mainly share official information on Kurash, photos and videos from competitions.
We pay more attention to quality than quantity. I express my special gratitude to our friends who support us on social networks.

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