On the second day of the seminar of kurash referees and coaches, hosted by the city of Fergana, exams for the IKA 1-star referee level were organized.
The participants of the exam directly served as referees in the “Vodiy” Open Junior Kurash Championship.
It should be noted that 230 young athletes from 6 different regions of the country competed in the Vadiy Open Championship organized by the initiative of Fergana Kurash Federation.
According to age and weight category, 6-8 and 10-year-old athletes competed on the gilam for the victory.
The competition process was led by the participants of the Referee exam.
Experienced experts of the International Kurash Association and the International Kurash Institute directly assessed the performances of the referees. Many criteria were analyzed; including their conduct, the correct and proper way in which they executed the referee gestures, and the appropriate way in which they issued penalties and scores.
This seminar allowed them to gain a lot of experience, especially on how to deal with controversial situations and how the referee impacts the quality of the final judgment, the International Kurash Institute presented certificates to the seminar participants.
The exam results will be summarized and the referees with a positive result will receive a 1-star international certificates.

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