On July the 6th in Rome meeting took place between Ziyoviddin Khodjiniyazov- Vice President on International Collaboration and also head of the WSP committee with Mr.Fabio Caiazzo, sports manager for the upcoming European Championships and Alfonso Ruggiero, head of the transport department.

During the discussions, many items were discussed regarding the sport matter, venue, and equipment list. Mr Khodjiniyazov pointed out that we must be well prepared as there are different levels of competition in the age groups of Juniors, cadets, seniors, and veterans (according to the entries), and this will include different weigh-ins, multiple draws, in male and female. Also, he emphasized that we also have the WSP in 7 weight categories and we must take into account the pre-qualifiers before starting, Mr.Fabio Caiazzo took note of the comments made and promised that they will arrange a good team to handle all.

Next on the topic to go into detail was transport issues with Alfonso Ruggiero; there was a major concern by Mr Khodjiniyazov, the fact many people in Europe may buy the tickets last minute to get a good deal; he stated we need to be prepared and have a good system for the pickups at the airport so participants are not stranded. Mr Alfonso Ruggiero also explained in detail about the system, the transport team will operate from the airport to the hotel and venue and different levels of transport for VIPs are planned to attend the events so the corresponding preparations and protocols should be followed during the period of the championships.

More meetings are scheduled in the next few days regarding the European Championships and the WSP in Italy in the month of October.

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