Yesterday, February 25, the Conference Hall of the Yuan Garden Hotel in Jakarta was crowded with Indonesian sports officials, heads of more than 20 provinces of Kurash Federations, sports community and media representatives.
Summary report of the last 4 years of the Indonesian Kurash Federation, were presented and plans and goals for the next 4 years were discussed.
The general meeting of the federation, which lasted about 7 hours, was chaired by the Chairman of the Central National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI), Mr. Marciano Norman and MR.Ziyoviddin Khodjiniyazov IKA Vice President was present as Observer during the entire meeting to witness all procedures were taken in accordance of IKA.
In his speech, the chairman of KONI expressed hope that the Kurash sport will further strengthen its socialization in each region and reach a new stage of development.
Kurash is a new sport in Indonesia, but no one asks what is Kurash? Because people know about it. Our athletes have been taking part in international competitions. After that, he said that he believes that kurash will give a gold to Indonesia in major competitions and that he is ready to support kurash athletes at the government level in this regard.
At the conference, the report of the President of the Federation Hafil Fuddin on the activities carried out during the past period was heard.
Detailed answers were given to the questions of the participants about future plans, work to be done, suggestions and problems.
According to the conference, an election was held for the leadership of the Federation for 2023-2027.
The current President, General Hafil Fuddin, was unanimously elected as the President of the Federation.
The past four years have not been easy for me and my team, said Mr. Fuddin. But we are working to raise the Indonesian flag high and make Kurash the most popular sport.
We have many goals. Most importantly, our results are good. 4 years ago, Kurash entered 15 provinces of Indonesia. Currently, federations are officially operating in 23 regions. We are trying to reach 30 by the end of the year.
We have strong, friendly relations with the International Kurash Association, Kurash Confederation Asia-Oceania. I believe that the next 4 years will be one of the brightest years for us, for Indonesian Kurash. I am ready to use all my efforts to realize these goals – said the President of the Indonesian Kurash Federation, General Hafil Fuddin.

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