Islam Karimov International in London

P1040824On June 4, 2011 the British Kurash Association successfully held the IX Islam Karimov international tournament in London. Held annually since 2000 this tournament is dedicated to the Honorary President of the IKA and the President of Uzbekistan Mr. Karimov.

This year the event was held at one of the most prestigious venues of the UK’s capital – O2 London Soccer Dome (formerly the David Beckham academy). More than two hundred players of different ages and weigh categories from around Great Britain, France, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania. Nigeria and other countries competed at this year’s event.


Below you can see the list of prize winners of the competition.

Senior men:

under 60 kg: under 66 kg: under 73 kg:
1. Sharafuddin Lutfullaev (Uzbekistan) 1. Kyle Perry (Great Britain) 1. Adam Ashford (Great Britain)
2. Javlon Roziyev (Uzbekistan) 2. Jahangir Shomurodov (Uzbekistan) 2. Mark Wainwrigitgir (Great Britain)
3. Henry Winney (Great Britain) 3. Paul Sawyer (Great Britain) 3. Anthony Arnagan (Great Britain)
3. Izanhel Mkbude (Great Britain) 3. Rob Alloway (Great Britain) 3. Craig Edwards (Great Britain)
under 81 kg: under 90 kg: under 100 kg:
1. Bahodir Ganiev (Uzbekistan) 1.Arunas Miseckas (Lithuania) 1. Conor Murphy (Great Britain)
2. Tom Wauicer (Great Britain) 2.Mattew Edmands (Great Britain) 2. Ceigh Tiu (Great Britain)
3. Carl hunt (Great Britain) 3.Nichou Daley (Great Britain) 3. Ricky Gambue (Great Britain)
3. Jamie Marzetti (Great Britain) 3.Max Denning (Great Britain)
over 100 kg:
1. Fred Itiose (Nigeria)
2. Darrin Richardson (Great Britain)

Senior Ladies:

under 57 kg: +57 kg:
1. Nicola Haywood (Great Britain) 1. Sarah Biles (Great Britain)
2. Justine Bishop (Great Britain) 2. Laylo Eshmuminova (Uzbekistan)
3. Gulzerahon Karimova (Uzbekistan) 3. Joyce Malley (Nortern Ireland)
3. Joyce Malley (Nortern Ireland)


Masters men:

under 81 kg: under 81 (+46 years):
1. Steve Crowley (Great Britain) 1. Nick Collins (Great Britain)
2. Mark Wainwright (Great Britain) 2. Paul Sawyer (Great Britain)
3. Donnie Macdonald (Great Britain) 3. Neil Greenaway (Great Britain)
3. Steve Ashford (Great Britain)
under 90 kg: over 90 kg:
1. Clive Douglas (Great Britain) 1. Fred Itiose (Nigeria)
2. Keith Mitchell (Great Britain) 2. Mark Conway (Great Britain)
3. Bernard Cabos Duhamel (France) 3. Darrin Richardson (Great Britain)
3. David Swan (Great Britain) 3. Leigh Till (Great Britain)


Youth men:
under 66 kg: under 73 kg: over 73 kg:
1. Niyozbek Choriev (Uzbekistan) 1. Shahbos Saidmurodov (Uzbekistan) 1. Bekzod Uralov (Uzbekistan)
2. Zair Karimov (Kyrgyzstan) 2. Ruslan Khaziev (Russia) 2. James Shepherd (Great Britain)
3. Ben Franics (Great Britain) 3. Anthony Armagan (Great Britain) 3. Jamie Marzetti (Great Britain)
3. Klaudios Miseckas (Lithuania) 3. Craig Edwards (Great Britain) 3. Conor Murphy (Great Britain)


Youth ladies:

under 52 kg: over 52 kg:
1. Leanne Jones (Great Britain) 1 .Sarah Biues (Great Britain)
2. Sarah Waterreld (Great Britain) 2. Laylo Eshmuminova (Uzbekistan)
3. Lisa Davey (Great Britain)
3. Lauren Swan (Great Britain)


Junior boys:

under 42 kg:
1. B|en Franks (Great Britain)
2. Jobir Choriev (Uzbekistan)
3. Klaudijus Miseckas (Lithuania)
3. Maxence Cabos Duhamel (France)









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